Make Your Own Picture Collage

Make Your Own Picture Collage



To match geographical landmarks to their countries


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What you need

PicCollage (free app – need to be connected to internet for full use)

A collection of pictures of landmarks and the countries they are from to paste on the collage

Camera feature on mobile technology device

Interactive whiteboard

Maps and atlas’s on the tables for the children to use


What you do

The children could create their own picture collages for their peers to work with, matching up different categories eg. Landmarks and countries, continents and countries, capital cities and countries, native animals and countries, and so on.


The teacher could create a picture collage for the whole class or smaller groups to work with on the interactive whiteboard, either physically manipulating the pictures to move them together or using the pen to draw lines between the ones that pair up.


The picture collages can be printed off for each child to use individually as a cut and paste activity in their books. Equally it could be used as a homework activity sheet.


Learning benefits

“Location and characteristics of a range of the worlds most significant human and physical features”, “Locate the world’s countries using maps”  – Primary National Curriculum for Geography, KS2

They are also gaining further confidence using maps and atlas’s and finding out information independently without the aid of their teacher. They are also practising their interactive manipulation skills and using the internet to find pictures.


Taking it further

The children could make their own picture collage using different matching pairs. They could share them with a partner and try and complete each other’s matching game.

This task could also be used across the curriculum in a variety of subjects.




Rhianna Polson, Katie Canham, Jade Mobbs and Leona Jest


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