Storytelling with iMovie and Puppet Pals

What the Ladybird Heard retold through iMovie trailer and PuppetPals

Can be used to introduce the topic of Narration/Storytelling. The children could select their own book to recreate or make up their own.




Retelling stories and narrating

Suitable For:


What you do:

Introduce the topic to the children and show them the made item. Get them into groups to create their own from their favourite story book using the iPads. Discuss key ideas; beginning, middle, end, tone of voice, how have you made it exciting, will the story be the same or have you changed it?

Learning Benefits:

Can explore the use of ICT within literacy, social and emotional development  is aided through working together in small groups. Develop an understanding that stories must contain a beginning, middle and end.

Taking it further:

The children could move on to completely create their own stories, now that they have the knowledge they need a beginning, middle and end. For homework the children can write a sentence about the beginning, middle and end of their favourite book or film.

We discussed that this could even be used further up the school into KS2 with a more complex activity, perhaps not creating a trailer but a whole project, ensuring the use of adjectives and punctuation to increase excitement.

Created by Emily, Alyson and Katie. Early Years Year 2 (2013)


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