Animals and where they live.

Where do I live? Quick fire quiz! on PhotoPeach


Animals and their habitats.

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What you need:

Photo Peach. Photo Peach can be found online at 

What you do:

This quick fire quiz could be carried out at the start or end of the lesson, depending on the structure of the session. The video quiz could be presented to the whole class with the teacher giving support by reading the questions. If the video quiz was shown at the start of the session teachers would be able to observe children’s knowledge. After the quiz children could use StoryJumper to create their own story about where animals live, they are able to choose pictures of animals that they want and then use their knowledge (either as an individual or as a group) to pick the correct habitat, they are able to write words along with the pictures and personalise the backgrounds to how they want, putting their own personal ‘stamp’ on the activity. Its also a great way for teachers to access and observe children’s knowledge and how their learning can be extended.

What will children learn:

Children will be recapping the knowledge they already have about where animals live, for some children it will be a new learning experience as some of the animals they may not know where they live, this activity allows children to scaffold eachothers learning, giving them that foundation to build upon. The children will be using communication when giving the answers and when creating the story. This activity can support children’s confidence and self-esteem as they are answering in a group rather then individually. The children will also be learning how to use StoryJumper and how their knowledge can be put together to create a story. When using the mouse children’s fine motor skills will be supported and developed and children will also be seeing how working as team and everybody having their own ideas can result in getting the correct answer while discussing along the way.

Taking it further:

To extend this activity further questions could be added to the video, testing children’s knowledge further on animals for example what they eat, what their offspring look like or are called. You could also have your own voice recording behind rather then the lion king so that the questions are read aloud. StoryJumper is an extension to this video as children are creating their own story about where animals live, they are able to explore the program and experiment with all the different backgrounds seeing which work best for their ideas, it gives children a focus but also allows them choices and to make their own decisions.


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