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Imovie healthy eating

In today’s session Hugo and myself created an Imovie/green screen app smash based around a dramatic introduction into healthy eating.

I like this as it would be a great way to capture the children’s attention as they wouldn’t be expecting it. Not only can you as the teacher use these apps you can also get the children to try the apps out for themselves. I hope you enjoy the video.

Information regarding a session you could do about this….


You could use this in KS1 it would be more suited to a year 2 class.


This would be a great resource to use as an introduction to healthy eating in science. You could also use this as a resource to introduce the app of imovie in digital literacy and as an example of work with the green screen.

Science in more depth

The main focus of this video is to show the difference between healthy food and food that we should not eat as much of. This video could be shown to the children at the start of a science lesson before talking to them about the different food groups and the food pyramid. After the children have a more in depth knowledge of the food pyramid the children could create their own imovie about one of the food groups in more detail. This would bring in cross curricular links with digital literacy.

The apps we used and why

Green screen: We wanted to investigate the use of the green screen and how easy it would be for the children to use the green screen and the app to create it. We found it fairly easy to use however when it came to using the green material to cover our arms and so on was abit tricky. Therefore to start with the children I probably would just keep it simple and get the children to have an image in the background and not worry about the use of green material.

Imovie: This is a fantastic app! It was really easy to use and could defiantly be used in the classroom. I would suggest that children have a chance to use the app in a digital literacy lesson before using it in another lesson so they are comfortable in using the app.


Charlotte (Group 3)

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