Creation of a Resource and Scratch

When creating a resource I decided to look at and focus on Scratch…

Scratch is a creative and learning environment, which allows you to create stories, games and animations which you can then share around the world (if you choose to).

As I was quite new to Scratch, I decided to use instruction cards which are a step by step guide as to how to produce a working animation or game, in my case I decided to try and produce a working ‘Pong Game’.

This is what I finally produced in the session by using the new software, Scratch…

Even though this is now a working game, I originally produced a game that didn’t work at all. I thought I followed the instructions really carefully and I couldn’t find out why it had gone wrong or where it had gone wrong. Therefore I decided to start again and take my time, and this time I was successful and the game, above, which you can play is the final product

Overall I found this software and programme brilliant and very child/teacher/classroom friendly, this is because there is such a big range of help guides, information and resources, meaning that it is accessible for all.

Here is a blog post as to how to embed and include Scratch in the classroom effectively…

Using Scratch in the Primary Classroom, 

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