eBooks and Story Telling

Lesson ideas for Key stage 1, through the use of the iPad and websites.

There are a range of apps on the iPad and websites that can be used in the early years setting. As times are changing, so are books; gone are the days of buying paper back books, now you can simply download them on your iPad, kindle , smart phone etc. There is a debate around this though, some feel very strongly towards the traditional way of reading and the importance that books can have, whereas others are fully supportive of eBooks as they can benefit children immensely. Personally, I am undecided, I have looked into both eBooks and books understanding that they both have their pros and cons.

My partners and I used Story Buddy, an app on the iPad, to recreate the story of the Hungry Caterpillar using pictures that we had taken ourselves and filling in the text ourselves also. This was a really easy app to use, giving us a blank canvas to create ourThe hungry caterpillarstory. It could be used in an early years setting,  however the children may need some guidance when fitting the pictures on the page and uploading the correct pictures into the book. Once the book is completed, it is easy to look through and  is laid out in a story book format. With this app, you could either use a story as a template or create your own. This could also be used as part of a literacy lesson; involving stories that the children have been focusing on and  then recreating or creating this story in groups with the use of the iPad. This could also lead on to role play with the story. It would then allow them to work with others, to develop their knowledge of the story, begin to read words and simple sentences- development matters 40-60+ months and to enjoy an increasing range of books- 40-60+months. Furthermore with the use of this app, the children will be developing their understanding of the world by completing a simple program on a computer 40-60+months.

Moving on from this, we began to think that we could further develop the children’s knowledge of the book by using the iPad to create a trailer. From this, the children will be using their own ideas for how they could sum up the story and what important parts they would need to include in this trailer. Again, it would sustain their learning of taking the photos, uploading them and adding text but would increase their development through not just copying the story book but thinking for themselves.

hungry caterpillar

eBooks are also very popular when helping children learn to read. The Collins Big Cat books aim to aid language acquisition through an animated book which also contain audio and sound effects. These books are interactive which can maintain focus from the children, whilst helping them to read and write. The children read the words on the screen and can interact with the pictures on there as well helping them with their comprehension of the story.  Furthermore, you can also create your own book, with templates. This app will be important for the development of children’s reading, writing and speaking skills and can be used in an early years setting effectively.

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