A Stimulus for Writing

Amber and Rebecca’s Interactive Resource:

We could only upload the resource in individual slides, and we could only upload three of them as it exceeded the maximum upload. However, they give you an idea of how you could make your own.

Use to support children’s writing ability. The PowerPoint uses pictures and sounds to support children’s imagination in story writing.

Suitable for: Key Stage 1 Students ( I used the idea to support year two students in their creative writing)

What you need: Access to a computer and the PowerPoint slide.

Lesson Plan:

An input should first be introduced to children about story writing and how to form a story (Explore the structure – this should ideally be done in a session before) Introduce the PowerPoint slide to the children, explaining what the task will involve. The slide and sound effect can be played throughout the session to support all students in producing story ideas.

Learning Benefits: Support students who struggle creatively in their story writing and also is different way to support writing skills.

Taking it Further: Children could use the basis of their story to create their own comic strips (Use apps that have been explored in sessions such as the story maker site explored in session one of ICT).

Your Story Pt.1

Your Story Pt. 2

Your Story Pt. 3



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