Using apps on Ipads


Focus: Working on the spelling progress of students by practising their recognition of words through audio sounds and matching sounds to words.

 Suitable for: Key Stage 1 Students (Reception – Year 2)

 What you need: Access to an Ipad with the Spellosaur App.

Lesson Plan: During a main activity each child that needs their spellings addressing will take it in turns to test recognition of words they struggle with. The teacher will have created groups based on students who need to learn specific words such as “igh” endings. The review areas and tests will show the teacher their understanding and if the words need adapting based on the difficulty. This app can be differentiated for each child’s needs, including the whole class.


Learning Benefits: Addressing specific spelling needs for individual students. Enhancing their spellings further based on individual ability.


Taking it Further: Increasing the difficulty of words. Using the test and review areas to test their knowledge further.


Home page on app showing the different areas

Examples of the words we used focusing on “igh”

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