Learning To Spell

Spelling Emotions


  • Learning to spell words linked to emotions

Suitable for

  • Key Stage 1

What you need

What you do

  • This App is best used with children how struggle greatly with spelling. Teacher adds the require words on the ‘Add Word’ dinosaur. These iPads are then passed to the children who can independently learn to spell the word through different format.

Learning Benefits

  • Helps with pronunciation as the spelling words are read out a number of times with opportunity to repeat the word. Different ways to help spelling through listening to the words, filling in the missing letters in the word and dragging the letters in the correct order.

Dragging letters in the correct order

Filling in the missing letter

Additional Notes

  • This is an interesting App with fun animation that can engage children which is better than pen and paper to spell the words.
  • Can fully buy the App to create more words
  • Worth noting that the pronunciation may be more American


Taking it further

  • Can be linked with PHSE with discussion about emotions
  • Could use the App to help with other spelling


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