Transport Presentation Tool

What type of transport do you use? on PhotoPeach


Our focus is transport

Suitable for


What you do

The practitioner shows the presentation to the class, they can the open conversation about transport and how they are all different, the children then access PurpleMash and create their own car to print and make.

Learning Benefits

The learning benefits the children gain from this is firstly about transport and what types there are, the teacher can talk more in detail about all of these as the presentation is playing. The children can also sing along with the presentation to ‘The wheels on the bus’ which will boost their communication skills and interaction in the child’s group. Also working on the computer with the mouse the child is improving their fine motor skills, learning how to control and focus their hands making their cars. Making their cars is also teaching them about 2D and 3D shapes.

Taking it further

The practitioner can teach them shapes or about history of transport.

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