Timeline plan vs actual

This post illustrates the original timeline plan submitted as part of the ILT bid and compares it to work completed, including revisions and additions as well as showing where some tasks were not possible.

The obvious major impact was that of COVID-19 and lockdown. It is also relevant to note that the programme team on the programme central to the project changed in composition almost entirely from March 2020 and the project leader took on the additional role of interim programme leader. These changes had a significant impact on workload and therefore on project management and priorities, and were not anticipated at the time the bid was submitted. In terms of fieldwork plans, lockdown meant that the focus group planned for the end of March to contextualise the CAP questionnaire was not possible – which does dilute potential richness of analysis and understanding of the thinking behind the anonymous CAP responses. (A separate blog post will follow specifically looking at this questionnaire). End of year academic outcomes are also not yet available as the project comes to an end, due to the extended submission windows supported by the emergency regulations. 

Despite these challenging times, there are still many meaningful conclusions to be drawn and shared from the project. The following images are intended to give an overview of what happened when, and the scale of the data being analysed.

Project timeline September to November 2019



Project timeline December 2019 to February 2020



Project timeline March to May 2020



Project timeline for June and possible follow on (outside of recommendations)

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