Mapping student engagements

One of the key (and most challenging) goals of this project was to ‘map’ a synthesis of data to establish whether (and how) more meaningful and individually responsive indicators might be identifiable to support student retention, continuation and progression. Korhonen et al (2019) created a model of student engagement, that can be seen evolving from […]

Continuation, Achievement and Progression

Stevenson et al‘s (2019) report for the Office for Students looks at risks to success in, and progression from, HE. Their recommendations include that institutions “consistently capture good quality data” (p7) but they are conscious of the loss of individuals within top level data and suggest such data may need several years of aggregation to […]

ILT Project – final report

As part of the ILT supported project process, I am required to upload my final report to this blog. This is not my final post though – there are other posts I will be sharing over the next 1-10 days, and you can see some of what they might be in the report below. Here […]