Using Everyday Objects for Active Learning

2021 Conference » Using Everyday Objects for Active Learning

Emma Kimberley
Sam Thomas
Sheryl Mansfield
Amy West

Workshop (1h)
11am-12noon (Parallel session 2)

In alignment with Active Blended Learning (ABL) we use objects to develop a diverse range of active learning strategies, in both F2F and online sessions. We use household and personal objects as metaphors, illustrations or tools, which can aid memory and recall (Bellezza and Hoyt, 1992). We have found using objects inspires curiosity, directs and focuses learning, and allows personalised engagement.

The session will be interactive: participants will explore how objects can be used to teach skills in their area. We will lead participants through the process, modelling examples and exploring ideas conceived, with a focus on embracing creativity and sharing new ideas.

Bellezza, F. S. and Hoyt, S. K. (1992) ‘The Self-Reference Effect and Mental Cueing’. Social Cognition. Guilford Publications, 10(1), pp. 51–78. doi: 10.1521/soco.1992.10.1.51.