Digital Literacy for the University of Northampton (DL4UON)

2021 Conference » Digital Literacy for the University of Northampton (DL4UON)

Rob Howe
Neil Friedman
Cristina Devecchi

11:00-11:30 (Parallel session 2)

The Covid lockdown has shown the importance of being digitally capable. Yet, previous research (TECH4ALL) at UON showed that the University currently has a collection of tools and strategies aimed at developing and supporting digital literacies for staff and students, and that there was no single definition or understanding of what digital literacy and capability meant. There is a need to work with students and staff to ensure that these are brought together under a single banner and identify any gaps in the current provision.

The URB@N project set to address the above gaps by engaging with students and staff and feeding into University level committees for action (e.g. Digital Steering Group and Faculty Student Forums). The paper provides an overview of the processes used to engage different stakeholders and share with the audience its two outcomes:

  • A University definition for digital literacy
  • A cohesion of the tools and methodologies available for staff and students to identify skills