Progress Update – Implementation

The phase 2 of this project has started off very well. The following changes were implemented to the software tool (GPM):

1. New BASS Model: Boosted Aritmetic Scoring Model, a new model to calculate individual student score was implemented.

2. Ability to add peer criteria: The tutor can add a set of critieria for peer marking.

3. Tolerance Factor (z): The tolerance factor determines the extent to which an individual student’s score deviates from the group score. The default value is 2 but the tutor can adjust this value using a slider.

4. Impact Factor (p): The tutors can adjust the impact that peer assessment scores have over an individual’s final score/grade using a slider. The default value is 1 and when p = 0, peer assessment has no impact at all.

5. Overriding/Adjusting student score/grade: GPM now enables the tutor to override the student score/grade calculated by the model.

6. NILE Import Format: Groups can be allocated and set up on NILE by tutors. NILE has an export feature to export the list of groups (with members) to a csv file. GPM now has the ability to import this file.

7. URL changes: The tool is now available at

Watch this space for more updates…