Interview – Michael Opoku Agyeman

Michael is a Senior Lecturer in Computing and has group work as part of the modules he teaches. The modules are CSY1024 – Game Techniques (level 4) and CSYM028 – Modern Computer Architecture (level 7). He made use of GPM this year for peer assessment. I interviewed him to know about the model he uses to derive individual student score. The process adopted by him as follows:

Step 1: Calculate group (product) score using rubrics on NILE.

Step 2: Gather peer ratings from group members

Step 3: Calculate individual score by adjusting the group score according to the average peer rating for the individual. This could mean moving the group score up or down by one grade point , according to the average peer rating.

If the group score is high (A+), then it will be capped at that for any further increments of grade points.



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