Update on Work and Call for Volunteers

We have successfully recruited a GTA (Andrew Dean) to work on this project. He has been busy with software development. We intend to have a new web-based tool for group marking by mid-January 2019 for user trials. This tool builds upon a previous prototype stand-alone tool developed as part of an URBAN project. The plan is to host it on the university web server and pilot test it on a first year module CSY1019 Software Engineering1 which has group work assessment. We have over 100 students in that module undertaking group work. We would also like to invite any other volunteers in any subject area to take part in our study, use the tool and give us some feedback. If interested, please drop an email to suraj.ajit@northampton.ac.uk.


What do we aspire to achieve in this project?

The aims of the project are as follows:

  • To involve students as partners in the assessment of group work (or collaborative learning) in a fair and consistent manner
  • To improve student (and staff) satisfaction by adoption a new approach to group work assessment
  • To inform institutional policy on assessing group work

The objectives are as follows:

  • A mixture of qualitative (semi-structured interviews/focus groups) and quantitative (questionnaires) methodologies involving both students and staff in  within the university.
  • explore the use of a novel mathematical model to calculate individual, differential student scores by combining student-generated assessment of the teamwork process with the lecturer-generated product assessment of the entire team
  • Analysis of findings
  • Recommendations/roadmap to inform institutional policy on assessing group work