Dr Mu Mu (BSc programme lead) [Staff profile] [Personal web]
Dr Mohammed Bahja [Staff profile]
Dr Muawya Eldaw [Staff profile]
Dr James Xue [Staff profile]
Mr Murtada Dohan [Staff profile]

Technician Demonstrator
Mr Michael Cauchi [Staff profile]

Teaching Assistant
Mr Chris Rafferty [Staff profile]

PhD Researcher 
Mr Ghaith Al-Tameemi Ph.D. Big data management in learning analytics and educational data mining
Mr Ahmed Basil Ph.D. Software-defined intelligent networks for fair resource allocation
Miss Ola Challabi Ph.D. Intelligent route planning predication the impact of social events on local traffic.
Mr Murtada Dohan Ph.D. Human attention in virtual reality applications
Mr Mahmood Khalsan Ph.D. Deep Learning approach applied to gene expression analysis for cancer prediction
Mr Chris Muchibwa Ph.D. Data-driven automated detection system for early detection of cataracts using machine learning techniques
Ms Raghad Zenki Ph.D. Interactive 3D medical image segmentation for bone structures using CNN-based segmentation algorithms