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Hello and welcome to the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science programme at the University of Northampton.  Along with our internal NILE course sites and social media updates, this website provides useful course information for current students at different stages of their study. You can also find tech blogs written by tutors and students. 

The programme is supported by a core team of Lecturers, Classroom Assistants, Technician Demonstrators, PhD researchers and External Advisors. We share a passion for AI and data science teaching and research while each of us focuses on one or multiple subject specialities. To know more about our cutting-edge research, please visit here.

Our dedicated AI lab provides students with the best combination of specialised hardware and software platforms to help them reach their full potential and stand out from the crowd.  On the hardware side, each PC in our lab is equipped with the top-of-the-range GPU from NVidia, a world leader in AI computing, for high-performance computing within reach. The hardware is coupled with a range of machine learning environments from Google, AWS and other open-source platforms for deep machine Learning, cloud computing and data science research. We believe Northampton is one of the best places to study practical artificial intelligence and data science. 

If you are a prospective student who wishes to study with us, please visit the University’s programme guide.

About the programme

Programme roadmap

Programme roadmap (the arrowed links show how knowledge and skills from one module support other modules in the following year. They do not mean module prerequisites. Group projects and Dissertations are project-specific.)

This programme will equip you with the knowledge and practical skills required to establish your career. They can aid many career paths, such as a machine learning software engineer, solution architect, project manager or AI research scientist. You will learn the fundamentals and applications of data science and machine learning progressively over the course period. 

Year 1
During your first year of this programme, you will study common computer science modules which give you the foundation and flexibility to specialise in your second and third years. Additionally, you’ll study a specialised module that is tailored for artificial intelligence and data science programme students.

Year 2
In your second year, you will continue your journey with more specialised modules. These include the Introduction to AI, Cloud Computing and Big Data, and Relational Databases along with other computer science modules. You will also complete a group project where you will be a part of a small design team working to produce an innovative and bespoke AI solution to a real-world challenge.

Year 3
In your final year of the degree, you will acquire comprehensive AI skills in advanced modules. These modules include such as Advanced AI and Applications, Natural Language Processing, Modern Databases, and Media Technology. You will be able to develop AI applications using computer vision and neural networks and deploy the solutions in the cloud. You’ll have an opportunity to complete an independent dissertation on a specialist topic of your choice in the field of artificial intelligence.

We are part of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Academy. Students joining the programme will have the chance to take part in AWS-accredited cloud computing courses to prepare students for industry-recognised certifications and the most in-demand careers in the cloud industry.

We are also proudly supporting various student societies including the Student Union AI Society.

Students working in groups to test their AI projects.

Students working in groups to test their AI projects.