Waste Stories 1/4/2019

The Healthcare Waste and Resources Research Group

1.Clean growth collaboration for the Northwest England launched by local government and business leaders

A collection of local government, university, and business leaders have joined forces to secure £500m of ‘game-changing’ investment into the future of clean growth in the north west of England.

Made up of council leaders and private and public partners from the Liverpool City Region, Cheshire, Warrington and Greater Manchester, the group said they have announced their collaboration in response to the government’s challenge to establish a low-carbon industrial cluster by 2030.

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2. Industry leaders seek Sector Deal for resources

Senior figures in the UK’s waste and resources sector are leading efforts to draw up a ‘Sector Deal’ for resources to leverage government support for innovation and investment in the industry.

The work is being overseen by a new body, the UK Resources Council, which is chaired by Suez UK chief executive David Palmer-Jones, and is supported by the Environmental Services Association (ESA).

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3. Brexit strategy updates from the NHS Confederation and the Government for the waste industry

As the road to Brexit continues to twist and turn, the NHS Confederation is providing frequent updates to support the NHS in your preparation for EU Exit. This includes links to recent guidance, and an overview of what the latest parliamentary developments mean for the NHS.

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With or without a deal, all existing consents which authorise the export of hazardous waste, known as ‘notified waste’, to any EU country will remain valid when we leave the EU. Companies that export waste from the UK will see no change in the processes that govern the export of ‘non-notified waste’ (‘green-list’ wastes) to the EU.

However, in the event of no deal, changes to border controls may impact on some waste exports.

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4. Launch of the Clean Air Hospital Framework

On 5th of March, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Global Action Plan launched the first ever Clean Air Hospital Framework (CAHF). The Framework sets out short and long-term plans to tackle air quality for the benefit of patients, staff and the surrounding community.

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5. Nestle, PepsiCo and Unilever team up with recycling group to change its packaging

A coalition of the world’s biggest consumer brands announced they have teamed up with a recycling giant to change the world’s reliance on single-use packaging.

The new initiative was announced on Thursday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where global recycling leader TerraCycle joined massive brand partners such as PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Nestle and Procter & Gamble on stage to unveil its new project called Loop.

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