About the Group

The Healthcare Waste and Resources Research (HCWRR) Group is hosted by the University of Northampton. The Group, which began in 2007,  is completely independent and aims to further evidence-based research into healthcare waste management for the benefit of the public purse, public health and for the environment as a whole.

It is comprised of individuals working across the healthcare wastes and resources sector including from the National Health Service (NHS), private health providers, industry, academia, and environmental consultancies.

Individuals within the Group have undertaken work in a range of areas from waste prevention, waste management and infection protection, communication, behaviour change, to evaluations of treatment technologies and waste infrastructure.

It collaborates with a number of organisations including the Department of Health (DH), the National Performance and Advisory Group (NPAG) and the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM).

In addition to research, over the years, the Group has also hosted a number of events, including an international conference and a number of national seminars. Funding from these events is used to fund further research.

The Steering Committee is comprised of:

Terry Tudor: University of Northampton (Chair)

Ed Van Reenen: Bywaters

Maria Mahon: Verdis Waste Management Ltd

Mark Lepine-Williams: Firmley Health NHS Foundation Trust

Anne Woolridge: Independent Safety Services Ltd

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