Waste Stories 8/4/2019

The Healthcare Waste and Resources Research Group

1. ISWA Awards (deadline April 30)

Each year ISWA honours excellent efforts and creative ideas that increase awareness and promote sustainable waste management in three different categories: publication, video and communications campaign. Each ISWA Award is recognised at the annual ISWA World Congress.

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2. A round up of the latest funding opportunities for energy efficiency

A round-up of the latest funding calls from large scale energy storage solutions to the design of smart, local energy systems.

There has been significant activity from government in the energy sector recently with a number of funding calls now open.  The details are below, along with links to the relevant information pages.

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3. Environment Agency charge proposals from April 2019

The proposals in this consultation follow various changes implemented in April 2018 as a result of our Strategic Review of Charges (SRoC) programme.  This consultation seeks your views on further charge proposals which we have developed to take effect in England from April 2019.  The proposed changes are designed to add clarity to existing charging schemes, accommodate changes to the cost of regulation and make new charging scheme changes that were not included in the SRoC. 

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4. The NHS Long Term Plan and climate change

The NHS Long Term Plan has committed the NHS to deliver carbon reductions in line with the Climate Change Act, to phase out the most polluting fossil fuels for heating and dramatically reduce air pollution from NHS travel; as well as action on waste, water and plastics. These are serious commitments with hard targets to combatting climate change and other environmental impacts. The specific focus on the high carbon impacts of the fluorinated gases in inhalers, anaesthetics and nitrous oxide (together over 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent a year) shows that commitments go beyond the low hanging fruit of estates and energy efficiency into areas of service design, procurement and prescription of drugs and medical devices.  Delivering on air pollution reduction from road travel in service provision will also cut carbon emissions and require wider service design thinking.

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5. Call for abstracts for the ICE Journal

Abstract submissions are invited for articles on any new development and research programmes that focus on a range of ways in which waste and resource management initiatives can improve our waste and resource utilisation to fulfill circular-economy objectives. Deadline Monday 29 April.

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