Blue Light Services: Measuring Impact and Forecasting Intervention Solutions

The CCEG Blockchain UN Lab is developing Software-as-as-Service (SaaS) platforms for real life usage by organisations, institutions, governments and individuals to aid and  resolve intractable problems in society. Since 2011 we have been the main provider of public sector  solutions for Social Value Act 2012 and for corporates for the Modern Slavery Act 2015.  This new system aims to …

  • Measures impact of current interventions
  • Visualizes the impact in 3D across the region
  • Handles multiple agencies simultaneously eg. fire, police, health, employment, etc
  • Reports the impact in the framework of your choice
  • Can predict and used for modelling ‘what-if’ interventions
  • Demonstrates for commissioning different impact and agency options
  • Provides a solution for empowering unaligned, disaffected and hard to reach groups
  • Integrates with existing live command and control agency systems