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Transacting Value with our Values

The CCEG Blockchain UN Lab focuses on the transaction of intangible and non-financial values using a unique combination of Blockchain Technology and the Social Earnings Ratio. Both represent the leading edge of current Fintech, Socialtech and Humtech innovations but combined they enable a new world of hitherto impossible mainstream interventions. Our work is open-source, collaborative, and ground-breaking. We focus on bringing structural change to intractable problems across all sectors.

Examine our current list of active projects and those we have just embarked on. Feel free to offer direction and suggestions on both existing and potential projects that would benefit from the use of the Seratio Blockchain. We welcome organisations, institutions, partners, joint ventures, funders, associates, academics, students … to demonstrate the convening power of our collective thought leadership to achieve the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

The CCEG Blockchain UN Lab is one of only 3 full service blockchain organisations in the world, and a top 150 blockchain organisation (cf “Seratio” in 2017 infogram, 5th row-3rd column)