Frontiers in Blockchain

FRONTIERS IN BLOCKCHAIN: first peer-reviewed journal dedicated to #blockchain from a mainstream scientific publisher – collaboration between @theCCEG and @FrontBlockchain – the #leading open-access scholarly academic research #community. Founding Chief Editor Professor Olinga Taeed, Director of CCEG and set to become the #world’s first Professor in Blockchain at Birmingham City #University #goodistrending

13 thoughts on “Frontiers in Blockchain

  1. It is interesting to watch the blockchain industry develop, even though I am more of a trader and not much of a project developer. But as far as trading and cryptocurrency bots go, I can say that the industry has grown a lot recently. Yes, there are still scam projects and unscrupulous developers like, but overall the market for trading bots is also developing and reaching another level.

  2. Blockchain technologies have become more and more complex and interesting over the past few years. Blockchain games are being developed. They are evolving and scaling. Given the past two years, when a large number of people were at home, interest in digital products, including cryptocurrency and crypto games, has only grown. The ability of players not only to buy items and spend money inside the game, but to earn them themselves, creates great interest among gamers and major players in the game industry.

    • I completely agree with you. I generally believe that cryptocurrency is the currency of the future. Someday paper money will lose its importance and we will all pay with cryptocurrency. I also really like to play cryptogames. They can also bring a lot of income.

  3. Developing blockchain games is almost no different from creating regular apps. The difference is that a smart contract is required. This is the “engine” that defines the principle of operation and the financial logic of the game. We used Unicsoft https: // and got a new generation game on private blockchain. We were very happy with the results.

  4. I totally agree with you, the blockchain world is getting bigger and bigger to the point that it is impossible to go against it, so anything you want to develop in the blockchain is more than a good business, consult the search of your browser professionals specialized in that area, I am sure you will find one

  5. Blockchain games today are very well developed and this technology is already actively used in the gameplay itself. Now there are many professional blockchain technology developers.

  6. First, shadows are the reflection of our existence in the space. Then, our shadows overlap, intertwine, communicate. In this project, shadows are turned into subjective via representations of our mind states. Instead of being distorted by the source of light, the audience will be able to control their own shadows by wearing the headsets that collect EEG data from them and accordingly form fake shadows projected onto the ground beside them.

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