Blockchain as a Solution for Connected Health Services

The emergence of smart phones, cloud computing, and networking on the Internet has created a type of consumer increasingly accustomed to doing everything using smartphones to check bank balances, purchases, watching movies on mobile devices, etc. From here these consumers wonder why health systems can not provide appropriate applications for similar service using the Blockchain technology. Which led to the emergence of information technology companies working in the field of health that attract investment capital with the flexibility to design applications that meet the needs directly to groups of patients at the same time emerged obstacles for IT companies, notably lack of access to health data with no agreement on how to distribute the resulting economic benefits For smartphone applications and at the same time IT officials in search of the potential of Blockchain technology in health care to answer the following basic questions:
  • Who should pay for applications and electronic services in the field of health?
  • What is the evidence of the effectiveness of the services provided by the application and which are the reason for paying the wages? 
  • What conditions should be available to be the starting point for developing health applications with a business model?
We believe that the Blockchain solution is to strengthen cooperation between health providers and technical companies by enabling the exchange of health data to enable more efficient and adaptive health care delivery. The national health system must take into account that the framework in the area of health care data must be updated from the demand for standardised standards of patient health record to providing data access through application interfaces using Blockchain . The framework of the health electronic services system will be operated by accredited third parties and can be directed by the health system as well.
Blockchain technology can revolutionise the provision of health services, as well as help health systems to boot to reduce the cost of this development, the stakeholders to determine how to distribute benefits and take into account five basic principles:
  • Potential effects of technology on health care systems
  • Organizational changes
  • Secure the correct data
  • Financing electronic health systems
  • Security and privacy of patient data

I have discussed the Connected Health Services in my book, published in 26th March 2017, and for more information please access the ebook through the following link: 

Al-Zoiny, S. and Al-Sherbaz, A. (2017) Connected Health Services in Smart Technologies. UK: Kobo Publisher. 1230001603163.

12 thoughts on “Blockchain as a Solution for Connected Health Services

  1. One important point about the use of Blockchain is that the ownership of the data should remain with the individual. This is not a little change. At the moment data about yourself is with your GP, hospital and so on. This is an obstacle for those who might stay settled in one single location, but even more problematic for a fast moving global world. So besides enabling a number of health providers to connect and verify their transactions, Blockchain can also help individual patients. The question is how Blockchain can developed into a truly democratic technology and therefore tackle the issue of access to technology which is still an issue in many countries.

  2. I agree, there is difficulties with individual’s data for Health, currently it does belong entirely to the individual. Public health continues to raise an number of issues – let’s say you wanted to collect data on the effects of medicines on issues such as diabetes. Who owns that data and the right to use it?

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