Waste Stories 23/9/2014



1. Seminar on September 25

The Healthcare Waste and Resources Research Group will be hosting a seminar focusing on treatment technologies and recovering value from healthcare waste, on Thursday September 25.

It will be held at the Bywaters’ recycling facility, in East London. The morning session will be dedicated to presentations from a range of speakers. While in the afternoon, delegates will have the opportunity to tour the facility.

The event is being sponsored by Frontier Medical GroupSharpsmart and Bywaters. Additional sponsors include GV Health, SRCL, MITIE, Econix and Independent Safety Services Ltd.

Registration forms and booking details, including early bird discounts are available at the link below. When you book, can you let us know: (1) if you would like to do the site tour in the afternoon, (2) if you require a car parking space and (3) if you have any disability requirements?

 Online registration form for the seminar

 2. Consultation on London waste infrastructure

A consultation on future waste infrastructure needs for London was launched on 30th July 2014. It closes on 31st October 2014.

Access the consultation document here: London infrastructure

3.US DEA ruling on the disposal of controlled drugs

This Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) ruling governs the secure disposal of controlled substances by registrants and ultimate users. These regulations will implement the Secure and Responsible Drug Disposal Act of 2010 by expanding the options available to collect controlled substances from ultimate users for the purpose of disposal, including: take-back events, mail-back programs, and collection receptacle locations.
Read the ruling here: disposal of controlled drugs


4.Emory’s Ebola experience in managing healthcare waste

WASHINGTON – When two Ebola-infected patients were airlifted to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta in early August, dedicated staffers were prepared to care for the patients. But those staffers had to act quickly to deal with unanticipated challenges that came from regulators and some of the hospital’s contractors, who initially refused to dispose of the mountains of medical waste generated by the patients and the clinicians who cared for them, according to Dr. Aneesh Mehta.

Read the article here: Emory’s ebola experience

5.WHO’s global health initiative for needle safety

At the TEDMED conference in Washington, DC, Dr. Marie-Paule Kieny, assistant director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), revealed that the organization will announce its third-ever global health initiative and policy in October. The initiative this time is around needle safety.

Read the story here: WHO needle initiative

6.Food Waste: The Challenges

15th October | 2.00pm – 3.30pm | Committee Room 9, Palace of Westminster

Speakers include:

Mike Walters– Group Manager Waste & Water Resource, The John Lewis Partnership

Representative – Feeding the 5000

Keith James – Special Advisor, Waste & Resources Action Programme

Stephen Roscoe – Technical Director, Grundon Waste Management (tbc)

This parliamentary seminar will explore current food waste policy and the challenges which the UK still faces in this area. With much research showing the extent of food waste in the UK and its economic, environmental and as social impacts, this event will seek to examine the ways in which Government can respond to these concerns and support businesses, local authorities and households in reducing their food waste in a time of increasing pressure on finances and the environment.

This event will be chaired by Kerry McCarthy MP.

 Please email apsrg@policyconnect.org.uk for more information and to register.