We have got our A-team together for STEM4Me! 

Meet our STEM buddies 2020

Ashleigh Pittaway (Third Year Psychology) 
Andino Francis Asuquo(MSc Computing)
Ellen Jay (Third Year Psychology) 
Dapel Mercy Ejura (MSc Computing)
Kimberly French (Third Year Psychology) 
 Sarah Lee (MA SEN and Inclusion)
Claire Deacon (Second Year Psychology)
Amelia Champion (First Year Psychology) 
Ebony Pooley (First Year Psychology)


I did STEM because I believe that primary school children should be able to experience psychology as much as any other science, as it’s so important in everyday lives to understand how the mind works and how behaviours appear in certain situations. (Kimberly) 

I signed up for STEM4Me because i love to work with children and share my knowledge on computer with them to boast their interest in pursuing a career in Computing.  (Dapel Mercy)