Children in the primary schools should have the opportunity to learn about a broad range of STEM subjects, especially those from communities where resources are more limited and there are not many STEM professionals they get to meet in person.

You, as a keen student in Psychology/Computing, can be a bridge to these young children so they know STEM is more than just Chemistry and Physics. We want you to go out there and share your love of Psychology/Computing with these children by designing and running your STEM workshops at local schools.  We would like you to inspire the younger children to get excited about STEM before they are taught by Science specialists at Secondary school.   


What you would get out from the project

You will be paid for running the STEM workshops (competitive hourly rate by UniTemp).  The project will also pay for your training and time spent on designing the workshops. 

More than the tangible rewards, it is a great opportunity to hone your communication and leadership skills and increase your employability prospect.  It will make a solid contribution to your CV. 

Best still, it is a tremendously warm feeling knowing that your work may have inspired a young child about their future. 


What we need from you if you are selected to be part of the project

You need to attend a training session (about 3 hours) in February 2020 to learn about safeguarding and designing the workshops.  After successful training, you will deliver at least two workshops in a local primary school.

You will be paired up with another STEM Buddy for each school that you visit. The idea is that a Psychology STEM Buddy will be paired up with another who studies Computing.

We are looking to recruit and train 5 Psychology and 5 Computing students for the project.