Session 3


We know you’ve had to work extra hard to get your blogs up and running in the last couple of weeks but they really are exceeding all our expectations! We think they are wonderful!

This week you’ll be working in a group to make a resource or set of materials on the theme of interactive whiteboards or presentation software. This could be a SmartNotebook file, a template or model for a presentation on a curriculum theme, an eBook, slideshow or story.  We showered you with links and ideas last week hoping that something would really grab you.  Now we’re asking you to choose one or two tools and make something you could use in the classroom.

It doesn’t have to be whizzy; often the best ideas are the simplest, and as a busy teacher you won’t have time to be too ambitious.

We’d also like you to think about the process of collaborating together. What works? Did you give yourselves roles? How did you support each other? In your reflection this week try to comment on how you can encourage children to work well together.

Images by Frits Ahlefeldt licensed under a CC 3.0 Unported License.

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