Students, you create your workbook in Pebble+ at the beginning of a year and submit it automatically upon creation. This is completed over the year until the specified assignment deadline date.

After the deadline date, you can still access your workbook via Pebble+ and make changes. However, these changes are not submitted to ATLAS for validation.

Should you require work to submit after deadline, and your tutor wishes to grant this, an extension will need to be set within PebblePad.

All work done by the student between the original deadline and the extension deadline will then be submitted to ATLAS for validation.

Remember – you own your workbook and allow your assessors access to it – not the other way around. 


 Once your student has aligned you to their workbook, you will have access to it for the duration they have set. Should you require longer you should speak to your student to request this extension.

 A deadline set for a student to complete their work is only a deadline for them – not you. As an assessor, you can continue to validate and provide feedback after this. You will only be prevented from accessing a workbook, if your student stops it.

 Once your link has been removed by your student you will no longer have access to view or validate work. However, your account remains active and will be used the next time you have a student working with you.


Like mentors, you can validate workbooks after the deadline has passed – just as you can in Turnitin for example.

 Unlike mentors, your connection to a workbook isn’t controlled by your student. By accessing ATLAS you’ll be able to see the whole cohort’s workbooks in the one submission list.

As explained above for the students, work completed in Pebble+ after the submission deadline won’t be seen by you unless you grant an extension. In other words, the ‘live link’ between the student’s Pebble+ and ATLAS is paused.

Unlike mentors, you won’t be removed from workbooks and will always be able to access for the duration of that student’s study (i.e. all three years).

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