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We have had a few reports of problems where students cannot open a page within their workbook, or that particular sections within a page won’t load properly.

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Service Status

No known issues.

PebblePad is currently available to students and staff in the Faculty of Health & Society only – and their external assessors. If you require an account please check the appropriate section to read how to request one.

PebblePad at University of Northampton

Guidance and advice for our students, mentors and tutors.


A guide to Pebble+


A guide to ATLAS


A guide to ATLAS

Pebble+ and ATLAS

Pebble+ is the creation space. Every student has a personal account to store files (known as assets). These can be shared with people (for collaboration), the web (for publication) and for assessment (for validation).

ATLAS is the assessment space. It’s where tutors and mentors can view, comment, feedback and grade students’ work. When marked, this is passed to the student to view in their Pebble+.

Please first check this website for guidance. If you are unable to find the answer, or you would like to ask a question, contact the team.