Service Status

PebblePad is operating normally. Please be aware that PebblePad will be unavailable between 6am and 8am on Wednesday the 13th of February due to essential maintenance.


Viewing post-deadline sign-offs

If you are trying to view mentor sign-offs which have been added after the submission deadline, you will need to use the date picker in ATLAS. Use the drop-down list to choose the current date and time to see the most up-to-date version of the student's workbook.  ...

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Had problem saving 2nd – 3rd Feb?

Update: PebblePad have now released a fix to prevent this issue from recurring. Additionally they have recovered all changes that were made during this period and applied them to the affected assets. Details of the original notification can be found here.   If you...

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NMC Requirement for mentors to view all three years’ workbooks

We understand that the NMC requirement for mentors to be able to view all three years' workbooks is not currently possible; students are currently unable to share previous years' workbooks that no longer have live submissions and that have therefore been 'stopped'. We...

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PebblePad is currently available to students and staff in the Faculty of Health & Society only – and their external assessors. If you require an account please check the appropriate section to read how to request one.

PebblePad at University of Northampton

Guidance and advice for our students, mentors and tutors.


A guide to Pebble+


A guide to ATLAS


A guide to ATLAS

Pebble+ and ATLAS


Pebble+ is the creation space. Every student has a personal account to store files (known as assets). These can be shared with people (for collaboration), the web (for publication) and for assessment (for validation).

ATLAS is the assessment space. It’s where tutors and mentors can view, comment, feedback and grade students’ work. When marked, this is passed to the student to view in their Pebble+.

Please first check this website for guidance. If you are unable to find the answer, or you would like to ask a question, contact the team.