While there are many options within the Pebble+ menus, the main two areas to focus on are Assets and Resources.

These are accessible by clicking the burger menu bar to the top left of your screen.



This is where you will find a blank template of your workbook, or resources, made available for you to use during your studies.

There are three types of resources:

  • PebblePad resources – available to everyone
  • Custom resources – different for each subject/course
  • Own resources – any you’ve made yourself

Resources have permissions attached to control how they are used.

  • Workbooks – single use
  • Forms – reusable

Single use means you can only make one copy. If you try to create a second you’ll be directed back to the first copy. This prevents you part filling in one workbook and accidently creating a second (or third).

Reusable means you can use this template as many times as required. Perhaps you’re keeping an action plan, or reflections. Grab the template and save a copy. This will go to your asset store.


If Resources are blank copies (the templates) your assets are your personal saved versions of each document.

Everything you upload and save in PebblePad is saved to Assets. If easier, think of it as your ‘my documents’.

Assets can be a variety of file types: audio, video, pdfs, word documents, images and many others.

All assets you create are private unless you choose to share them, either for assessment or with others for collaboration.

If you attach an asset to a workbook, and that workbook is submitted to ATLAS, by association the attached asset is now also submitted.

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