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Pebble+ for OT

This section is for Occupational Therapy students using Pebble+. Specifically how to create and edit your workbook. If you’re new to PebblePad, before you begin please read our getting started guide.

Create a PLATT workbook

At the start of each year you need to create the workbook you’ll use, known as your PLATT.

This happens only once a year, so you’ll only need to do this process at the start, and not again until you proceed to the next academic year.

Your workbook has been prepared for you and is available in your Resource Store. You can create only one copy and this will be filled-in across the academic year.


Complete your PLATT

Over the weeks and months as you return to your workbook, it will now be saved in your Assets Store. Head here to add new information, you don’t need to go back to the Resource Centre again.

Each time you complete work and press save, the latest changes will be visible to your assessors in ATLAS. This happens until deadline.

Create & attach supervision record

You’ll need to create a new collection page for your supervision and CPD Record and use this to attach any  files to it.

Watch the video to guide you how to do this. Until the collection page is attached, your assessor won’t be able to validate this section of your PLATT. 

More help

If you have other problems using PebblePad, please read our further guides covering everything from logging in to feedback and grades.

If you have questions about PebblePad, please refer to the following people:

  • for academic help (what to write, how to give evidence) - your mentor, link tutor or PAT 
  • for placement help (reporting absense, duty logs, MyProgress) - the Placement team their portal  
  • for technical help (something's broken or not working) - UoN PebblePad Support via the form (linked below)