If you are required to share your previous workbooks with your new mentor, to comply with NMC regulations please follow these steps.

1/ Open your workbook in your Assets Store. Go to “I want to…” and select “Share”.


2/ Click on “Show more share options” and select “With people”.



3/ Under “Who are you sending this to?” fill in your sign-off mentor’s email and click on the address as it displays below, then go to step 6.
If your mentor’s name does not display go to step 4.




4/ If your mentor’s email is NOT recognised click the “Look for other PebblePad users”.
Type in the name and email address of your sign-off mentor and press “Search”.
Now go to step 6.
If your mentor is not found go to step 5.




5/ If steps 4 and 5 were unsuccessful, press “Add a non PebblePad user” and fill-in confirmed email address details (the rest should be already be populated).
Now press the “Create” button.




6/ In “What can your recipients do with this?” tick “View for a specified amount of time” and select the appropriate time period or “Share will expire on…” and enter a date sometime after the end of your placement. (You may want to check with your mentor or Tutor what this date should be).

Do NOT check the “Collaboration” box.



7/ Now press “Share Asset” button.

Congratulations, your sign-off mentor will now be able to view your previous year’s Workbook(s).





8/ You will need to do this for all your 1st and 2nd year’s workbooks.

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