First vlogs ready

We had an excellent project meeting this morning with all of the team and the student vloggers to look at the footage they have captured so far. Lots of variety, humour and honesty – you’re in for a treat! We’re also busily planning a Premiere event to showcase the videos! 17th May, 5.30pm – hold […]

Filming commences!

We now have 6 student vloggers in place, and the footage is already rolling in! Placement experiences, carrying out dissertation research, studying on campus, going to class, and washing up (!) are some of the highlights so far. Our vloggers will be busy filming their experiences as a student over the next few weeks, ready […]

Recruiting vloggers!

Lots has been happening since our last post. We got ethical approval for the research element of the study (whoop!), and we also got news that our conference paper proposal has been accepted for the Advance HE conference in July. Our fabulous RAs have been developing a user guide for the vloggers to help them […]

Unveiling plans for ‘a day in the life of’ – sharing progress with research design and ethics

The whole study team met for the first time on December 8th (Rachel, Karishma, Evgenia, Alinafe and Veronika) to share their interesting ideas and developments on the ‘day in the life of’ project. A mixed method project proposal was outlined, high quality literature searches carried out, thorough detective work on types of social media/student generated content […]

Getting started

We had our first project meeting last week and also presented at the Innovation Project Network event. This was a useful opportunity to share our proposal and hear from other teams about their projects