Project update: February 2019

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As with all research projects, there has been progress as well as some stumbles along the way. One element of research is to disseminate the findings, and to this end we are happy to report that our proposed paper for the ALDinHE Conference at Exeter in April 2019, has been accepted. Karin will be presenting How to produce videos with students as co-creators. ALDinHE is the major annual conference for learning developers in the UK, so this will be a great opportunity to share our experience with others, and to explore what else is happening across the sector in terms of video production.

The students have been busy shooting and producing their videos, but have met with some real world issues. There has been some difficulty recruiting actors, and they have had to adhere to strict guidelines about seeking permission from everyone who may be in shot when filming on campus. We will be reviewing the first versions of their videos next week, which will be our next opportunity to discuss with them some of the benefits and drawbacks of this approach. We can then start to develop and refine some of the principles and guidelines that we anticipated will be one of the major outcomes of the project.