Student video pitches

On Tuesday 11th Dec the whole research team met for the media students to pitch their ideas for their learning skills videos. There were nine groups that pitched. The pitch took the form of a professional media pitch with students responding to a media brief that they had been presented with.

All of the groups had produced a Powerpoint where they addressed aspects of the production. Students spoke about their research. This included them looking at other learning skills videos. Some of them looked at UoN Learning development videos on the Skills Hub. Some groups had done their own primary research to find out what students liked or did not like about learning videos. Most importantly, they all presented their idea or concept for their learning video. Most of the group included a production schedule.

The students would pitch, then the panel would ask them questions, then the panel would feedback. Each member of the research team fed back on an aspect of the pitch. Sam considered the research and content of ideas, Karin talked to the narrative and engagement of the ideas and Nathan fed back on the feasibly of the production.

To mirror industry students were given a green light – which is a go ahead for them to go in to production. Or students were given an amber light – which means that they can go in to production once they have produced certain deliverables such as a script or production schedule.

The research team hoped that all of the student cohort would produce a learning skills video and with the quality of the pitches this should be the case.

Focus Groups

On Tuesday 4th Dec Sam and I met with the focus groups. The main focus group was split in to two sessions. The students were given a sheet with headings to consider as they watched the videos.

Production Values: How did the production values impact on or add value to this video?
Engagement: To what extent did it hold your interest?
Informative: What did you learn?
Accessibility: In what ways does it meet the needs of the target audience?

Students watched 5 videos which represented different styles of Learning Skills Videos.
Most of them made notes, then took part in a discussion with some prompts from the research teams which related to the headings shown above. The discussion was captured as an audio recording.
The students gave very thorough feedback and analysis of what they thought about the videos. The bits that they thought worked or did not work. These recordings will be transcribed and analysed by the research team. There were some really interesting insights which will be revealed soon.

Link to the Learning Videos that the students watched :