Video Brief Presentation

The Task

On 20th October Sam and I went in to the MED1082 cohort to present the video brief to the students. Although I am familiar with giving students briefs for making films I researched how to write a clear media brief. Even some media agencies fail to do this which can result in a poor take up of responses to a brief. It was important to us that the students clearly understood what the video project is about and that they wanted to engage.

Sam and I are acting as clients ( on behalf of Learning Development ) when presenting this brief. It was important that this follows the same processes as would happen in Industry. We wanted the brief to have two purposes. 

1 ) To give students clear guidance on the type of video that they have to pitch and produce

2 ) To understand that prior to pitching their videos they need to undertake research into what makes an effective , engaging, educational video.

It was also important for students to understand the broader context of this as part of the UoN Innovation Bids project.


This brief reinforced their Learning Outcomes for the module.

  1. Design and populate a website, demonstrating a clear understanding of the key concepts of digital and social media content production.
  2. Present and discuss the role of audiences and the development of digital and social media content.
  3. Collect, use and explain information from a range of sources and undertake simple and straightforward research tasks.

Changemaker & Employability Skills

d. Undertake personal development planning, taking opportunities for personal growth and challenge, making use of associated support and resources

How did it go?

The response from the students was positive. They seemed to be clear on the task of pitching their videos and how this fits in to the research project.  This was presented to Group 1 then to Group 2. For the presentation of the brief to Group 2, I realised that I could try and ‘sell’ the project a bit harder. 

Once Sam and I left , the tutor and researcher Nathan Dodzo could answer any additional queries students had. Nathan will be primarily be involved in leading the video production and collaboration with the students.

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