Aims of project

Research has shown that University of Northampton students use videos more than any other online content to improve their academic skills. Many of these videos are created by academic and professional staff and are ‘talking heads’ which may encourage the students to be passive learners. Some of the videos are ‘explainer’ videos presenting animated material that does not engage students.

This project involved students in becoming co-creators of the study skills video content.

For the project to work it was necessary for Learning Development to collaborate with the subject module leader. The video project became an assessed piece of work which embedded academic study skills in the curriculum. The students explored what makes an effective educational video. They then created their own academic skills videos. Once the new videos were produced the whole student cohort was consulted and took part in further research about how useful the new videos were, and they also assessed the quality of the new videos.

This research seeks to establish practical and effective ways of working with students to provide relevant and effective resources in a department which may have few opportunities for direct regular contact with a cohort of students.This model of co-production will be one which can be used by other subject areas and student cohorts. This presentation will give a set of principles and guidance for developing online video content with students as co-creators.

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