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Barca: A People’s Passion by Jimmy Burns

I bought this history of FC Barcelona in a charity shop ages ago and it has sat on a pile unloved and unread for a few years. This is important because it was published in 2000 and therefore misses the club’s most successful period, so anyone...

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Year of the Monkey by Patti Smith

I’m reading Patti Smith’s Year of the Monkey. Smith charts a year in her life in relation to the signs of the Chinese zodiac. She notes: “Anything is possible: after all, it’s the year of the monkey.” It’s the year she turns 70 and faces...

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Warriors of the Storm by Bernard Cornwell

This is the ninth in a series of books by Bernard Cornwell, a historical novel set in 10th Century Anglo-Saxon Britain. The thing I love about this author is the way that he combines actual historical events with fictional characters. The...

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Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie

Breq used to be a spacecraft, a warship of the Radch empire. Now all that remains of her is a single Ancillary – the body of a criminal, mind-wiped to be drone soldier of the Empire, and as much of her consciousness as Breq could cram into the...

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New Finnish Grammar by Diego Marani

Reading for pleasure is a luxury these days; being so busy reading for study (computing and areas of computing security), means that fictional narratives, once a facet of both pleasure, and study, for me, have proverbially taken the back seat in...

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