Lockdown Reading and Relaxation


We’ve scoured the internet to bring you the best reading related sites. Check them out below and if you have any suggestions to add, please let us know at uonreads@northampton.ac.uk


    This site is primarily about reading, but not everyone’s a reader, or maybe you usually are, but you’re struggling to concentrate on books at the moment.

    Hopefully you and your households are safe and well and have found things to keep you occupied and inspired.

    Here’s what we are up to.

    Artistic Talents

    Lorraine James, one of our Customer Service Assistants in the library, has been using her artistic talent to create some beautiful pieces.

    Colourful artworkEmbroidery showing a tea cup Embroidery of chair and table Pencil drawing of child with flower Pencil drawing of flowers

    © Lorraine James

    Sketches in Stillness

    Following on from Jackie’s earlier post, Back to Drawing, she has been exploring the subject further. One artist who has captured her attention is Francois Lange, a French artist and author, who has been “illustrating quotes that could inspire people to live more fully in the present moment, and to awaken to their highest potential.”

    Check out his Facebook page or official site Sketches in Stillness to find out more.

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