Focus group 1

A very interesting and engaging 2 hour conversation with a group of BAME students from different backgrounds, cultures and countries.  They actively gave an insight into their experiences at UoN and their opinions into what they believe are some of the issues and challenges that they and other BAME students face, and the impact that may have on attainment. 

Progress meeting 17/12

Checklist December 2019/January 2020

  1. Design the flyers for staff and students (statement about ethical approval should also be indicated)
  2. Develop Poster (LH/CH large screen advertisement)
  3. Update our website with relevant information about the study
  4. Informal discussion with potential interviewees (students/academic staff/ Personal tutor/librarians/other support and student facing staff)
  5. Setup email system to receive communications from interested participants
  6. Draft email communication for current students/staffs (Faculty group emails)
  7. Contact UoN communication team to send information to students and staff interested in taking part in this study.
  8. Identify good location (room in Creative Hub) for the interviews video recording CH111 to be used for video interviews and radio Studio for audio interviews
  9. Identify days for the focus groups (Tuesday morning/Thursday afternoon/Friday)
  10. Contact BAME Alumni students.


Additional things to consider

  1. Literature review
  2. Collate Current statistics