Meetings 18 February

Today we met to discuss progress, challenges to date and transcription options. 

We are generally happy with the progress to date, especially with our increased academic duties, roles and responsibilities. We have managed to capture feedback from a range of academic lectures and support staff from various faculties.

The challenge so far has been in recruiting students and black lecturers. So we decided to change our approach and contact some directly with details of the research project.

Regarding transcription,  we have spoken to several colleagues about who they used and some of the costs associated. Now, one thing that has become apparent is that, our budget does not allow for the cost of transcribing, especially with the hours of recorded interviews we had already captured.  Time to look at other readily available software and/or apps. 

Upcoming dissemination events:

  • Innovation projects network event – 24th February 2020, 9am
  • Discourses on Race in Higher Education Event – 11 March 2020, 5:30pm
  • L&T Conference 2020 – 16th June 2020, 9am


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