Evaluation of the UMF review of assessment – Final stage


Another month came to an end and with it we got to the final stage of the project.

The qualitative analysis of focus groups with NVivo was finished and findings discussed with the team. Then came the time to draft the Final Review report and after all of the team reviewed it, we are now ready to present our report while work continues to analyse themes to discuss further in future dissemination of the project.

You can find the final report here: https://mynorthamptonac.sharepoint.com/:b:/s/ilt1/EfZ9N8l4pBVFhQf_riuBB6UB23ZTLoxo2dCxJvAg6a9fXw?e=xmLWF2

The project might be coming to an end but there is still much to do with this valuable data.


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