Monthly Update April 2019


Easter has now gone and having had another month to delve deeper into this study, I dare to say I am all caught up!

This has been a very intense month. My team met to discuss the analysis already conducted on the survey and develop further our reasoning behind it, trying to agree on which main themes it seems to suggest and how best to present these in the outputs.

I have also conducted a final focus group and sent the recording for transcription while I busied myself listening and reading to previous focus groups to start developing the basis for coding this source of data. After discussing with my team the codes and themes I felt the data provided, I finally started the Nvivo input and analysis, which is still in progress.

The data analysis conducted so far has been very rich and I am sure the outputs will make for very interesting reads!

We can see the “finishing line” up ahead but there is still much to accomplish!


Plans for next month:

Finish the Nvivo analysis of the focus groups

Meet with my team to start deriving themes to discuss in outputs

Write an initial draft of the project and other outputs

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