Evaluation of the UMF Review of Assessment Project – Monthly Update March 2019


I joined the Institute of Learning and Teaching (ILT) as a research assistant at the end of the year, to work on another project, and I felt so welcome that I could not pass on the opportunity to take on this project when the opportunity arose.   

But I had a lot to catch up on. Since much work had already been done by Natalie, I started by getting to know what was done and particularly exploring further how the key concepts and themes had been developed by the team.

To help me understand how the FG were being run, I attended one as soon as I was asked to take on the project, and even before I had read much about it, so it was a fantastic way to “dip my toes” in the project. 

I also listened to the recordings for all the focus groups already conducted. I know I could have just read the transcripts, but there is much more that can be perceived by an individual’s tone of voice that I felt it would be the best way to really understand what had transpired in the FGs already conducted.

I then contacted other potential participants and invited them to share their availability with me through a Doodle poll, and have scheduled a further FG to take place at the end of this month.

To prepare for further analysis, I have read on Thematic Data Analysis (TDA), as well as worked on expanding my understanding of Nvivo, which will be used to conduct further in-depth qualitative analysis.

For the questionnaire items to be analysed quantitatively, I have conducted descriptive statistics for all using Excel and SPSS and will explore other analysis in the next meeting with my team.

Plans for the next month:

  • To organise and conduct the final focus group with UoN staff members  
  • To get the FG transcriptions completed
  • To start coding the focus groups data
  • To explore qualitative and quantitative data
  • To start writing a draft of the project


Thank you for reading this post.



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