About me


About me:

I am a senior lecturer in Wastes Management in the School of Science and Technology, at the University of Northampton. My main fields of interest relate to resource efficiency, environmental behaviour and ecological resilience.

I work with colleagues across the globe, including in the Caribbean (at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, in Barbados), Italy (the University of Brescia), India (the University of Madras), and Brazil (the University of Fortaleza).

I coordinate the Healthcare Waste and Resources Research Group, which is a UK-wide network of stakeholders working in the field of healthcare waste management.


I’ve given presentations at a range of seminars across the UK and abroad. Examples, include at the University of Brescia in Italy on Healthcare waste management, and in the UK onĀ Recycling at a Community Recycling Network seminar in Scotland and Carbon and the public sector for the ACCA in Birmingham, England.

My contact details are:

Dr Terry Tudor

School of Science and Technology

University of Northampton



Tel: (44)01604893372

Email: terry.tudor@northampton.ac.uk

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