Facilitating enhanced employability amongst University of Northampton students

In many cases, having a good degree is often not enough. It is important that there should be opportunities for job experience and to develop and hone the transferable skills that will enable career development. Work experience might be through various means including volunteering opportunities, work placements or shadowing, internships and part-time jobs. Employability plays a key role in the degrees taught at the University of Northampton.

Over the past few months, three waste and resources companies, Bywaters, Grundon and SRCL have provided 2-day work shadowing opportunities for two final year Environmental Science and Geography students at the University of Northampton, Stephen Anuge and Becky Jenkins. You can read more about Stephen’s experiences at SRCL here.

Thus this work shadow programme served as a wonderful learning experience for the students, and an opportunity for the companies to introduce them to the world of work. It is an initiative of the Healthcare Waste and Resources Research Group, which is hosted by the University of Northampton. Monies made from the Group’s annual conferences are reinvested into the Group to support students.

The Group’s next conference will be held on October 5, with a focus on  food waste management. The speakers are drawn from a range of sectors including the healthcare, retail, waste water treatment, hospitality and local authority. For more details click here

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