Doing a CAIeRO


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How do we seek to encourage our students to be more engaged? How do we make what we do interactive? How do we incorporate technology within our teaching? Age old questions.

I’ve spent the past few days involved in a CAIeRO. Many of you would probably be wondering what that is. And like me, are more familiar with the word associated more with Egypt’s capital, Cairo. The term CAIeRO stands for Creating Aligned Interactive educational Resource Opportunities, and is also known as Carpe Diem.

The clue, therefore is really in the title. Essentially, its about designing and redesigning your courses, in order to enhance the student learning experience, across different modes of study (e.g. via blended or online learning). Working with learning technologists and learning and teaching experts, this is done by examining all aspects of the course, including the mission, learning outcomes, and assessment and through story boarding, ensuring that they all align.  The picture above, illustrates some of the areas that I wanted to focus on for the module I was redesigning. Its also about developing online activities that will seek to engage your students in the subject.

If you wish to read more about the process, you do so at the website of the University of Northampton’s Institute for Learning and Teaching

Has it been a useful experience for me? Yes it has. Without a doubt. Looking at the module from the ‘student’ perspective and trying to come up has been enlightening, challenging and rewarding. Has it answered all of the questions at the start of this piece? No it hasn’t. But in some ways it wasn’t meant to. What it has done is to provide me with a framework to reflect and attempt some different approaches. Not everything will work. However, if by the end of it and I can design and redesign my modules in such a manner that it helps improve the teaching and learning experience on what it was before, then the two days spent doing the CAIeRO has more than served its purpose.


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